2019 Mercedes Actros – The Safest, Most efficient and Best Connected Truck Ever!!


2019 Mercedes Actros - The Safest, Most efficient and Best Connected Truck Ever!!

Everyone talks. One delivers.
The new Actros.

–The highlights in brief.
Automated driving starts here: new Active Drive Assist.
To support drivers as well as to further enhance safety and comfort,
Mercedes-Benz Trucks is bringing semi-automated driving to series production: the new Active Drive Assist can brake, accelerate and steer. The system offers semi-automated driving at all speed ranges, not just some.

Up to five percent less fuel consumption.
The fuel consumption of the new Actros has once again been reduced compared to previous models and it achieves savings of up to three percent on motorways and as much as five percent on rural routes. Aerodynamic improvements have been achieved thanks to MirrorCam and new cab side deflectors. Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC), an intelligent cruise control, works considerably more efficiently than before and can now be used on rural routes, too, thanks to additional map data. New, fuel-saving rear axle ratios are also being deployed.

Active Brake Assist 5: the next generation of emergency braking assistance system.
Active Brake Assist 5 supports the driver in case of a potential rear-end collision or a collision with a person who is crossing in front of the vehicle, coming towards it or staying in the same lane – if required initiating maximum full braking to standstill automatically. As of now Active Brake Assist 5 works with a combination of a radar and camera system. This enables the system to monitor the space in front of the vehicle even better and respond to people even more effectively.

All assistance systems in all Mercedes-Benz vehicles work within system limits at all times to their full capacity. The driver retains full responsibility with respect to the road and traffic conditions.

First series production truck with MirrorCam replacing outside mirrors to increase safety and efficiency.
The main mirrors and wide-angle mirrors have been replaced on the new Actros by the MirrorCam as part of the standard equipment. The MirrorCam represents a tremendous improvement in terms of aerodynamics, safety and vehicle handling. This system provides a significantly improved all-round view and consists of two cameras mounted to the exterior of the vehicle and two 15-inch displays on the A-pillars inside the cab.

Connectivity and intuitive operation thanks to Multimedia Cockpit and more new features.
The new Actros with its fully updated Multimedia Cockpit offers the driver a unique level of operational convenience and display comfort. Two interactive screens as standard serve as the central source of information in the driver’s digital cockpit of the future. Assistance systems are visualised here, as well as all basic information which is relevant to the driver. Connectivity is now reality in the Actros: smartphones can be connected via Apple CarPlayTM or Android Auto. Apps help the driver to fulfil their transportation tasks. The Truck Data Centre connects the truck permanently to the cloud and forms the basis of all connectivity solutions. Real-time monitoring of the truck via Fleetboard and Mercedes-Benz Uptime brings added value for the business owner. The driver also enjoys greater ease of operation thanks to the new remote-control key provided as standard.

‘Efficiency in the new Actros – that means costs down, safety and vehicle availability up!’

Functionality and aesthetics in harmony: the progressive interior and exterior design of the new Actros.
The development of the interior design of the new Actros has revolved systematically around the driver – working from the «inside out» as a principle. The result is a modern truck interior. The new «user experience» for the driver governed the entire design process. The strongest manifestation of this is in the new Multimedia Cockpit, which takes the Actros to the digital age. Touch functionality, the widescreen format for the displays, as well as details of the surfaces, trim elements and the few remaining analogue switches, are all hallmarks of the modern, high-quality interior of the new flagship from Mercedes-Benz Trucks. On the exterior, the omission of conventional outside mirrors gives the proportions of the Actros an even more homogeneous appearance. The dynamic styling of the MirrorCam and the characteristic front headlamps featuring LED technology create a progressive look for the new Mercedes-Benz Actros.

The new Actros – The safest, most efficient and best connected truck ever.
–Active Drive Assist is where automated driving starts – for greater safety and to ease the burden on the driver in stressful situations and at all speed ranges.
–New Active Drive Assist offers active lane keeping assistance at all times.
–Cost reduction: up to five percent less fuel consumption due to improved aerodynamics and other measures.
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