2019 Audi A8 – interior Review


2019 Audi A8 - interior Review

Comprehensive spatial experience: the interior design

A new dialog between technology and aesthetics – the interior of the Audi A8 presents a comprehensive spatial experience. The architecture blends seamlessly with the new operating concept, which has virtually eliminated buttons and controls. The clean, expansive surfaces convey the relaxed atmosphere of a luxury lounge. Tranquility and reduction are fundamental aesthetic values in the brand’s new flagship model.

Inside the large sedan, the lines flow elegantly and create clear, horizontally oriented volumes. They accentuate the freedom that the new A8 offers its passengers. The applications in the sculptural instrument panel are available in a choice of wood veneer or piano finish and create the wrap-around – the large arc running across the door trims and into the rear. This zone accommodates the air vents, which are concealed by shutters when inactive. If the automatic air conditioning is set directly to the interior, the shutters are slid up and away electrically while the air vents extend out a few centimeters.

In the lower section of the instrument panel, the central 10.1-inch touchscreen display with black panel technology blends almost invisibly into the high-gloss black trim. Depending on the equipment, it is in slate gray with a technical structure or in dark, matt-brushed aluminum. On the center tunnel console, which continues the black-panel look, there is a second touchscreen display measuring 8.6 inches. The buttons on its bottom edge optionally blend in with the display look to present a continuous touchscreen surface. They provide the user with tactile and acoustic feedback as from a conventional switch. The same applies to the light switches and the controls on the air vents.

As an option, two LED light guides each on the center tunnel, instrument panel and in the doors create a fitting lighting atmosphere in the interior. They create contour and ambient lighting with separate brightness and color control as an elegant way of accentuating the design lines. On the A8 L, the backs of the comfort customized contour front seats also incorporate a contour light strip. The newly developed Matrix LED reading lights each with seven LEDs provide optimum illumination. The passenger can precisely control the brightness, size and focus of the light cone with the rear seat remote control.

Natural and authentic: colors and materials

The interior of the new A8 is notable for its authentic materials. Some of the real wood inlays are open-pored and feel natural to the touch. For its leathers, Audi fundamentally steers clear of chrome tanning – its top-quality unique pieces are natural materials tanned with plant-based products, can breathe actively and are hand-crafted. The comfort head restraints are enveloped in soft, velvety Cocoon leather, a new upholstery of the highest grade. The harmony of the materials and their naturalness create a new, contemporary impression of luxury. They radiate craftsmanship down to the finest detail, giving them bespoke character; the same applies to the perforation in the seat upholstery.

There are eight material and color schemes in the new A8, culminating in Audi design selection. For the upholstery, the choices are Verdi cloth and the leather grades Valetta, Valcona and Unicum. These can be supplied in the new colors pearl beige, metropolis gray and merino gray, for example. On selected equipment items, contrasting stitching adds an extra highlight. In addition, depending on version the instrument panel comes in a two-color design. There are various veneers, ranging from beech and eucalyptus to burr walnut and black piano finish. Finally, those wishing to enhance their A8 to their personal taste will find an extensive selection of other exclusive veneers, colors, materials and leather upholstery and trim in the Audi exclusive program.

Comfort and stability: the power transmission

All engines in the A8 deliver their power to a newly developed eight-speed tiptronic. Not only does it change gear swiftly and smoothly; it also operates highly efficiently. An rpm-adaptive torsion damper (RTD) with a centrifugal force pendulum compensates for undesirable vibrations in the engine. This permits efficient driving from an engine speed range as low as 1,000 revolutions per minute.
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